December 17, 2012

lets talk about hair

Everyone has it. (Well, mostly everyone...) Its fun to style, color and cut when you want to change your look. If you're like me, you're constantly looking for ways to change your image, and instead of getting a new wardrobe every month to do that, you change your hair color.

When salon color is a little pricey, I'll admit, I have used many a box dyes. But while they're fine for a root touch up here and there when you can't get to a salon, I wouldn't recommend using a box dye every single time you color your hair. The chemicals in box dye are much more harsh and damaging than the mixes they use at salons. Trust me, I have been personally victimized by this stuff on more than one occasion, and the only reason I would ever use a box dye again would be for semi-permanent reasons, say to test out a color.

I'll admit, I was blessed with A LOT of hair. My hair has been 7 different colors in the past year, and I haven't lost much of it. I started off in January with my natural dirty blonde color, and now mid-December, I've been  golden blonde, golden blonde with a chocolate cherry underside, dark brown with highlights, platinum blonde, chocolate cherry red, and now, believe it or not, ginger. That's A LOT of damage in 12 months. Actually that's a lot of damage for any amount of time. But regardless of the over-processing and what was used to color, my hair is still mostly healthy and able to be dyed again and again.

How? Well, with color processing comes responsibility. Keeping up with my hair is not an easy task. I use good shampoo and conditioner, keep the heat tool use to a minimum, and indulge my thirsty locks with hot oil treatments and deep conditioning hair masks on a weekly basis.

Over the next few posts, I'll give you some helpful tips and tricks to keep your hair looking and feeling its absolute best. These treatments should work on all colors, textures and lengths, and even if you don't process your hair at all, these products and suggestions are still a good way to show your hair a little love and keep it soft, smooth and shiny!

Next stop, SHAMPOO! But until then, stay cheeky! :) x

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  1. I love silver shampoos cause my blue hair are turning into green.


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