Cheeky Facts

Technically my name is Rosalie, but Twilight ruined that for me, so call me Rose. I'm 19 and I wish my eyes were grey (they're blue). Most of my time is spent at university, where I write terrible poetry and attempt to save Mother Earth (aka environmental club with a group of people who worship Obama and marijuana). I also make wedding bouquets and funeral arrangements, if you weren't already aware, florists are the sober mans bartender. I'm constantly being yelled at for knowing nothing about pop music and loving men twice my age. I adore the English countryside, minimalist fashion, The Rolling Stones, fancy lingerie, classic literature, red lipstick, Ed Sheeran, Irish accents and Ryan Gosling's existence. I detest warm weather and wearing pants. If someone were to buy me a little cottage in the Yorkshire moors I would love them forever. I'm a bit eccentric and I drink too much tea. Stay Cheeky.

Hi! I'm Cat. 20 years young and a lover of all things hair, makeup and social media! Born and raised in Southern NJ. I love eye-shadow and am a total sucker for anything zebra print. I work at a children's hospital and I have a weird obsession with London and the color orange. I'm into all sorts of mission projects and community service type things (I've been to Guatemala and Mexico 6 times for service trips!) I'm quite in love with One Direction and I've got a MASSIVE & UNHEALTHY adorable little crush on the curly haired boy from Holmes Chapel. I'm basically glued to my phone and I'm ALWAYS on the twitter machine (hit me up, @clueless_cat)! I like the sand and the sun, but I'd much rather be wrapped in layers of coats and scarves while I watch snowflakes float to the ground. Saladworks and Chipotle are delicious as well as a good cuppa tea. I can't dance, but I'll sing until the cows come home. I enjoy wearing pants. Also quite eccentric. And of course, Cheeky. (;