January 14, 2013

in lust: burberry prorsum a/w13

I have been swooning over the Burberry Prorsum A/W13 collection ever since it debuted a few days ago. This may be due to my undying love of Burberry. Or for the sole fact that if I were a man, this would be my dream wardrobe. I realize most men are a bit leery of animal print, especially in such large quantities. However I adore the over-sized, 40s styled coats; they're loud and classic all at once. The military jackets were quite nice, as well as the touches of animal print which appeared on everything- satchels, shoes, sunglasses, collars and coat linings. Perhaps the real reason I love this collection so much is because I would gladly steal any one of these effortlessly cool pieces from my boyfriend (who does not exist, but that is beside the point). 

side note: I've yet to find the appropriate words for the JW Anderson show. Androgynous doesn't even begin to explain it. 

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